Archiv für den Monat: August 2014

The studio gets a new (old) console!


Our SSL AWS 900 is leaving – all hail the Harrison MR-2! This week we´re installing Volker´s 1982, 48 channel Harrison MR-2 war horse at Basement Berlin. I´m sad to see the SSL go, as the integration with Pro Tools was awesome and the classic SSL sound is always a joy to have on any record. But even though the Harrison will not be able to function as a Pro Tools remote, the fat, juicy and downright dangerous drum sounds the Harrison is going to deliver makes my palms sweaty already. Don´t forget, Back In Black was produced on a beast like this. This is not your clean, analytical and discrete mixing desk. To ride this animal you need some grit. But you´ll be rewarded with a mix that has enough grease to kill a donkey. Until then though, we´re still gonna have some cleaning up to do.